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Archetypes (Blue Mage)

Table: Blue Mage Archetypes

Gun MageThe blue mage uses his magic to imbue his firearms with spells. The practice needed to learn and perfect the art of guns and magic means they have less time to hone their blue magic to perfection, and never learn to mimic the fighting styles of monsters. But combining this emerging technology with their considerable arcane skills, they transform firearms into a powerful focus.
MimeFor every action within the world, it leaves an echo in the shadow plane. The results of the action, indeed the action itself, continues to persist for a moment after its passing. Mimes go beyond simple mimicry, and are able to duplicate the exact conditions of what they see, adapt them to their purposes, and have them repeat events which just occurred without any training or ability to otherwise pull them off. In a part of powerful people, the mime multiplies their power exponentially.
MorpherA morpher has no shape that she calls her own. Instead, she occupies whatever body is most expedient for her at the time. While others base their identities largely on their external forms, a morpher actually comes closer to her true self through her morphs. Of necessity, her sense of self is based not on her outward form, but on her soul, which is truly the only constant about her. It is the inner strength of that soul that enables her to take on any shape and remain herself within.
Primal MageIt is said that the earliest blue mages were beings of a most primal nature, more like the monsters they dined upon than the men they claimed to be. As the times moved forward, the old ways of the blue magi changed with them. Where once power was taken by flesh, blood, and bone, now it could be simply experienced; learned by a different kind of absorption…less gruesome and terrifying to modern viewers. Yet no matter how much time has passed, man cannot ever fully remove their more primal and primitive impulses. It should then come to no one’s surprise that the most ancient order of magi still exists today. Though less common than they once were these most primal of mages still roam the world, feasting upon monsters of all sorts with teeth capable of shearing steel or scale, learning the magic of monster and machines.