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Archetypes (Chocobo Knight)

Table: Chocobo Knight Archetypes

AntriderThe antica often produce their own answer to mounted combat, riding large ants into war. Available only to antica chocobo knights.
Beast RiderFrom the inhospitable arctic wastes of the far north comes the mighty beast rider—a fearsome warrior who has trained one of the great beasts that wander the chilly wilds to serve as her faithful steed. Toughened by their harsh environment, beast riders tame their surroundings through tenacious determination and sheer force of will, fighting alongside their bestial companions to take down huge game and carve out a hard existence in the icy north.
Fell RiderThe fell rider rides a bestial steed, a mount mastered by him alone. He tramples his enemies down, leaving twisted bodies in his wake, and fear rides with him. Available only to galka chocobo knights.
Mog KnightSome moogles prefer to be magicians, thieves, and even masters of geomancy or practitioners of the dark arts, but even then there are those that can’t fight on their own and rely on a wild companion, a mystical chocobo companion, one that can change colors as they accrue power. Available only to moogle chocobo knights.
Order of the BirdChocobo knights of the Order of the Bird pledge to defend tarutarus, tarutaru settlements, and other innocent folks by patrolling the wilderness and seeking out possible threats to both individuals and whole communities. These chocobo knights hunt down potential danger with a ruthless efficiency and determination that non-tarutarus find surprising and even somewhat alarming. Available only to tarutaru chocobo knights.