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Archetypes (Engineer)

Table: Engineer Archetypes

BombardierSome engineers eschew the idea of building automatons. Instead they focus their energies on creating explosive devices capable of wreaking untold amounts of damage.
Magitek OperatorUsing battle armor known as magitek, even simple foot soldiers can be devastating titans on the battlefield. Magitek operators are no simple foot soldiers, however, and are among the most elite pilots of these powerful machines.
Mako Weapon SpecialistSome engineers enter battle with powerful energy weapons capable of obliterating targets. These weapons can take the shape from complex rods, high-powered energy crossbows, firearms, swords or axes made entirely of energy, or even more exotic and strange devices.
PuppetmasterEntertainers from the Near East in Vana’diel, they use their puppets to entertain audiences, but they are also effective in combat. Puppetmasters are adept with hand-to-hand combat, but their specialty is activating an automaton to assist them in combat. Unlike other automatons, the puppet can reprogrammed to perform different functions, as well as customized using over a dozen attachments.
SynthesistSome engineers create magnificent technologies that enhance their already considerable abilities to forge, sculpt, or otherwise craft wondrous tools. These synthesists build constructors. These constructors, capable of building anything from mundane items to powerful magic weapons, are invaluable to adventuring synthesists looking for the right tool at the right time.
TechnomancerTechnomancers have found ways of making technology almost magical. While spellcasters specialize in the often difficult methods of controlling magic, technomancers tinker with extraordinarily advanced science. They have dubbed this practice magitek. Their understanding of both magic and technology is on a different level than most spellcasters, especially in how magic and physical objects interact.
TinkerSome al bheds grow to distrust or even loathe magic. To this end they endeavor to use as little as possible while simultaneously researching new and deadly ways to counter magic and all of its practitioners. Available only to al bhed engineers.
WarmechIngenious shindroids employ battle armor to increase their field presence. Mimicking magitek, warmechs are equipped with weaponry and use their battle armor and force fields to protect allies in battle. Available only to shindroid engineers.