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Archetypes (Medic)

Table: Medic Archetypes

CharlatanIn a world where magic is limited and perhaps outlawed, a charlatan merely pretends that his miracles are that… miracles.
Field SpecialistSome medics specializes in supporting the battlefield at a distance with firearms rather than up-close and personal.
Medicine WomanThe medicine woman comes from a long lineage of worshippers of the earth, their history beginning long before it was even recorded. The centuries her people have walked the earth have granted them numerous methods of physical and spiritual purification, from crystals to herbs, to even calling upon the raw elementals themselves to aid her and her allies in times of need. While she prefers to not directly participate in physical confrontation, her employment of the energies found within the earth allow her to ensure her allies’ endeavors do not meet a sudden end. Available only to females.