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Archetypes (Red Mage)

Table: Red Mage Archetypes

AnimistAllies are one of the most valuable assets to have on any battlefield. While most would-be adventurers and gallant heroes must seek out comrades, the few choose instead to make one. Sometimes accidentally, sometimes with intent, a person may find within themselves the spark of creation, animating their constructed companions almost instinctively. These creators, known as animists, form a close bond with their companion, their magical essence fueling and empowering the construct. This bond is not one of master and servant, however; animists and companions fight as equals, supporting each other and their allies against all odds.
Elemental KnightElemental knights are born with elemental energies surging through their blood and discover the secret of reconciling and focusing this primal power into the arcane. Available only to nu mou red mages.
GeneralistSome red mages specialize in a certain area of their abilities, generalists don’t. They focused on adapting to the situation at hand. Available only to hume red mages.
Red WarriorRed warriors trade in spellcasting for mastery of their arcane pool and protecting others.
SageThe red mage trades in his martial talent for the art of mastering black and white magic. The red mage uses his brains over his brawn to defeat his enemies.
SpellbladeA spellblade can manifest a ghostly blade of force that can be used as an off-hand weapon.
Spell DancerThe strong emphasis on mages within elvaan culture influences how even non-mage elvaans see themselves. Many elvaan mages do not consider themselves masters of a blend of martial and magical talents, but rather a sub-category of mages who study the effect of physical movement and techniques upon spellcasting ability. They believe their ability to cast spells while fighting is an outgrowth of the concept of the “spell dance,” which itself is just another kind of magery. Available only to elvaan red mages.