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Archetypes (White Mage)

Table: White Mage Archetypes

ForgemasterForgemasters are dwarven white mages who are ritual casters and expert enchanters, able to produce their rune-graven armaments with astonishing speed. Available only to dwarf white mages.
NetherseerThis white mage uses the power of darkness over the power of light. Choosing to wield the power of life and death is sometimes a hard choice to make.
TemplarTemplars serve the militant arm of a church, ready to stand guard over the religion’s holy places and to be its swift, avenging arm against those who resist its truth.
Wind ListenerThe wind listener takes a sylph’s natural curiosity to the extreme, enhancing her natural skill at subterfuge and eavesdropping with potent magic. Available only to sylph white mages.