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Archetypes (Sword Saint)

Table: Sword Saint Archetypes

BiskmatarThe world is full of dangerous magic, and many recoil in the face of such power. The biskmatar, by contrast, learns to recognize and resist certain types of magic, wading through waves of magic to reach her foes.
BlademasterMasters of the sword, these wandering swordsmen learn to focus their blade into precise and powerful strikes to take on armies. Rather than lead his allies’ midfield, he fights where the fighting is thickest. When not in war, these warriors wander aimlessly looking for a fierce challenge, ever honing their blade skills to perfection.
DuelistA warrior with a touch of finesse with some focus on talents on locking enemies in combat to hold the front or parry attacks none other could withstand.
Sword CaptainThe sword captain is a warrior who has the knowledge to wield most swords in existence. they use mystical techniques long thought lost to the world to summon physical manifestations of swords to hinder foes from afar.