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Technology Feats

Feat NamePrerequisitesBenefits
Advanced Magitek Operation (Combat)Magitek Operation featChoose a size of magitek (Large, Huge, Gargantuan, or Colossal). When you are operating a magitek of the chosen size, you gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC. Furthermore, armor penalties for operating the magitek are 2 less than they would otherwise be (minimum penalty –0).
Airship Battle Run (Combat)Dexterity 13, Airship Dodge feat, Airship Mobility featWhen using an attack action with an airship ranged weapon, you can move both before and after the attack, provided that the total distance does not exceed the airship’s movement. Moving in this way does not provoke an attack of opportunity from the defender you are attacking (though it can provoke attacks of opportunity from other nearby airships, as normal).
Airship Dodge Dexterity 13, Pilot 6 ranks, Airship Operation featWhen piloting an airship, you apply a +1 dodge bonus to your airship’s AC.
Airship Feint (Combat)Pilot 9 ranks, Airship Operation featWhen piloting an airship, you can make a Bluff check in airship combat as a move action. In addition, you receive a +2 bonus on Bluff checks made to feint in airship combat. See the expanded Bluff skill description for details.
Airship Gunnery You do not take a penalty on Attack rolls when firing an airship weapon.
Airship Mobility (Combat)Dexterity 13, Airship Dodge featWhen piloting an airship, you apply a +4 dodge bonus to your airship’s AC against attacks of opportunity caused when you out of or within an airship’s threatened area. Any condition that makes your lose your Dexterity bonus to AC also makes you lose your dodge bonuses. Dodge bonuses (such as this one and the dodge bonus granted by the Airship Dodge feat) stack with each other, unlike most types of bonuses.
Airship Operation You gain Pilot and Navigate as class skills you obtained this feat. When operating an airship, you take no penalty on Pilot checks made when operating the airship, and you also gain a +1 dodge bonus to your airship’s AC per 5 ranks of your Pilot skill.
Builder You gain a +2 bonus on all Craft skill checks and can make checks with those skills untrained.
Cybertech Savant Your Constitution and Intelligence score are considered four points higher for purposes of determining how many implantations of cybertech you can have.
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Advanced Firearms) Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Simple Firearms)You can fire any firearm on autofire without penalty (provided, of course, that it has an autofire setting). In addition, you are familiarize with certain advanced firearm weaponry.
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Artillery Firearms) Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Simple Firearms), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Advanced Firearms)You can use any of the exotic firearms without penalty.
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Simple Firearms) Base attack bonus +1You make attack rolls with the weapon normally.
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Gunblades) Base attack bonus +1, Str 13You make attack rolls with the weapon normally.
Gear Head You gain a +2 bonus on Craft (electronic and mechanical). If you have 10 or more ranks in one of these skills, the bonus increases to +4 for that skill.
Gunblade Expertise Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Gunblades)When you use the full-attack action, you may fire your gunblade as an additional attack against the same target if you have successfully hit with a melee attack using the gunblade during the round, using the same BAB with a -5 penalty without provoking attacks of opportunity.
Hair Trigger (Combat)Base attack bonus +6Whenever you make an attack from your magitek that requires enemies to make Reflex saving throws, the DC for such saves is increased by +2.
Magitek Crush (Combat)Magitek Operation featAs a standard action, you can maneuver your magitek to jump or fall onto opponents, using the magitek’s body to crush them. This attack is useful only against creatures at least one size category smaller than your magitek. The base damage for a crush attack depends on your magitek’s size category: Large (2d6), Huge (2d8), Gargantuan (4d6), Colossal (4d8). Add 1.5 times your magitek-modified Strength bonus to this base damage to determine the total damage for the attack. A crush attack deals bludgeoning damage and affects as many creatures as can fit under your magitek’s body. Each creature in the affected area must succeed on a Reflex save (DC 10 + your magitek’s size modifier for grapple attacks). On a failure, the creature is pinned and automatically takes crush damage each round the pin is maintained.
Magitek Fling (Combat)Magitek Operation feat, at least one free hand slotYour magitek can make a grapple combat maneuver at a –5 penalty against an opponent at least one size category smaller than it. If the grapple succeeds, you can use an attack action to fling the held opponent on your next action. The range increment for the thrown foe is 10 feet, and the maximum range is 100 feet.
Magitek Operation You gain Drive and Pilot as class skills when you obtained this feat. You do not suffer the restrictions on movement and penalties on skill checks for being unfamiliar with magitek controls. You can move normally in a magitek and generally perform any action as if you weren’t inside a magitek, subject to the obvious limitations of size. You threaten areas within your reach even if unarmed.
Magitek Sweep (Combat)Magitek Operation feat, Power Attack feat, two free hand slotsYou can use your magitek’s great size and strength, along with your own knowledge of balance and leverage, to pick up a heavy object (such as a large tree or boulder) and attack an area as an attack action. The area affected is a half-circle with a radius equal to your magitek’s reach. This attack deals damage to all creatures one or more size categories smaller than your magitek within the area. The base damage dealt depends on your magitek’s size: Large (1d6), Huge (1d8), Gargantuan (2d6), Colossal (2d8). Add 1.5 times your magitek’s Strength bonus to this base damage to determine the total damage for the attack. Though it can deal significant damage, this form of attack is awkward and unbalancing. You take a –2 penalty to your magitek’s AC and on Reflex saves until your next turn.
Magitek Trample (Combat)Magitek Operation feat, base attack bonus +4When you attempt to overrun an opponent while operating a magitek, the target may not choose to avoid your magitek. If your magitek knocks down the target, your magitek may make one free slam attack against the target, gaining a +4 bonus on the attack roll because the target is prone.
Magitek Weapon Boost (Combat)Base attack bonus +8, Repair 6 ranksYou can choose to take a –1 penalty on all attack rolls and combat maneuver checks to gain +1d6 damage for one weapon attack. When your base attack bonus reaches +10, and every 2 points thereafter, the penalty increases by –1 and the bonus to damage increases by 1d6. The attack penalty persists until the beginning of your next turn, but the additional damage applies only to the next single attack you make. You must choose to use this feat before making an attack roll.
Magitek Weapon Proficiency Magitek Operation featYou no longer suffer the standard penalties on attack rolls while you’re in your magitek. You can use any feats that refer to firearms with your ranged magitek weapons.
Megaton PunchBase attack bonus +6, Magitek Operation featYou can deliver a second slam in any round in which you make a full attack that includes a slam attack. The second slam uses your highest attack bonus with a -5 penalty, and deals your normal slam attack damage.
Operator You get a +2 bonus on Drive and Pilot skill checks. If you have 10 or more ranks in one of these skills, the bonus increases to +4 for that skill.
Stun Magitek (Combat)Base attack bonus +8, Magitek Operation, Precise Shot featsIf you threaten a critical hit with a lightning attack against another magitek, you may automatically confirm the critical. In addition to suffering the effects of the critical hit, the magitek is automatically stunned for 2d4 rounds. The stunned magitek automatically drops what it is holding and can’t take any standard or move actions. While the magitek is stunned, apply a –2 penalty to the magitek operator’s AC (even though the operator is not stunned).
TechnologistYou are considered to be trained in any skill used against a technology-based subject. If the skill in question requires training to use even against non-technological subjects, you must still have ranks in that skill in order to gain the benefit of Technologist.
Thruster Blast (Combat)Pilot 10 ranks, magitek flight system (either jetpack, thruster boots, or magicite thruster boots)You can aim your thruster exhaust toward the ground to create a hemispherical cloud. If you are within 30 feet of the ground and there is loose debris or dust, you can create a cloud with a 50-foot radius centered directly below you. The generated winds snuff out small fires and give guided missiles attacking you a –4 penalty on their attack rolls. Creatures without eye protection caught within the debris cloud are blinded while inside it and for 1 round after emerging from it. The debris cloud grants anyone inside it one-half concealment (20% miss chance). Magitek with sensor systems ignore the concealment effects. Because some magitek have vectored thrust systems, their flight path isn’t affected by the aim of the exhaust. They don’t have to hover or fly upward to create the cloud.
Vehicle Dodge Drive 3 ranksWhen operating a vehicle, the character's vehicle and everyone aboard, receives a +2 dodge bonus to AC.
Vehicle Expert Drive 5 ranks, Dex 15You can add your Dexterity modifier to all vehicle base stats including the vehicle's AC.
Vehicle Specialization Drive 1 rankYou gain a +3 bonus to Drive skill checks in one make/model of vehicle. If you have 10 or more ranks in Drive, the bonus increases to +6.