Added a couple more racial archetypes, some changes, and more Chemist discoveries.


  • Guado (Base Race): Added Detect Undead as a racial spell-like ability.
  • Lamia (Beastman Tribe Race): Added a new racial Bard archetype (Watersinger).
  • Sahagin (Beastman Tribe Race): Added a new racial Geomancer archetype (Wave Warden).


  • Chemist: Added a few new discoveries (Alchemical Simulacrum. Bitter Pill, Boneshard Bomb, Bottled Ooze, Chameleon, Cytillesh Bomb, Darkness Bomb, Defoliant Bomb, Demolition Charge, Directed Bomb, Doppelganger Simulacrum, Ectoplasmic Bomb, Flesh-Eating Bomb, Glassfoot Bomb, Greater Alchemical Simulacrum, Greater Bombard, Grounding Goo, Healing Bomb, Mummification, Neutralizing Bomb, Phantom Limb, Pheromones, Promethean Disciple, Sandstone Solution, Siege Bomb, Solid Ground, Tanglefoot Bomb, Tentacle, Thorny Bomb, Underwater Demolition, Vestigial Arm, and Wings)
  • Medic: Replaced Natural Healing ability with Healing Hands ability.


  • Death Knight (Dark Knight archetype): Made a couple of changes to Infection and Malignance, also added a slew of abilities.
  • Sea Wolf (Roegadyn Fighter archetype): Added: A sea wolf adds Navigate and Pilot to his list of class skills and removes Ride and Knowledge (dungeoneering) from his list of class skills.
  • Sky Pirate (Thief archetype): Added: A sky pirate adds Navigate and Pilot to his list of class skills and removes Linguistics and Knowledge (dungeoneering) from his list of class skills.
  • Watersinger (Lamia Bard archetype): The watersinger’s song reaches from the depths of her soul into the elemental waters from which life first sprang. Her voice commands water, bending and shaping it to her desire.
  • Wave Warden (Sahagin Geomancer archetype): The wave warden patrols beneath the sea, preserving the safety and secrets of Sahagin communities. Though he fares best beneath the water, dry land is no haven to his quarry.


  • Necromancer Spells: Added Detect Undead (1st level), Lesser Animate Dead (2nd level), and Animate Dead (3rd level).


  • Located on the Magic page (, I have noted how most spellcasters can learn spells.
  • Added a line for Limit Breaks: In addition, a limit break cannot be activated while another limit break is in effect (like some that have durations).