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Advantage (Background)


Cost 2 JP per level


Allies (as compared to Sidekicks, described below) are NPCs willing to risk at least something on his behalf. Whether they are true friends or simply allies of convenience, they have a vested interest in helping the superhero from time to time. They can know the superhero in his heroic identity, his normal identity, or both.

Allies generally ask for nothing in return for favors and information, as long as the superhero respects them and treats them well. On rare occasions, an ally might ask a favor in return. Friendship is a two-way street, after all. Allies are moderately vulnerable to the actions of other NPCs. As long as the superhero is careful not to expose them to harm directly and keep his friendship somewhat discreet, they will be safe. If the superhero abuses their trust, however, they could quickly become the equivalent of Dependents, and if the superhero is particularly callous, they might even turn on the superhero.

The superhero can have multiple Allies. The superhero must purchase them separately.

  • Level 1 (2 JP): His ally is fairly low on the totem pole of his chosen profession. He might be a beat cop, a rookie reporter, a small-time thug, a low-ranking military officer, etc.
  • Level 2 (4 JP): His ally is relatively well off and well placed. She might be a police captain, a well-known newspaper columnist, a crime boss, or a veteran military officer, for example.
  • Level 3 (6 JP): His ally is very well placed and has a wide variety of powers and information sources. He might be a police chief, the most powerful mobster in the city, the editor of a major daily newspaper, or a flag-rank military officer.
  • Level 4 (8 JP): His ally is at the head of a very, very useful organization or personal power base. She might be a director of a government agency, a global crime figure, a senator, or a senior military adviser with national authority.