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Advantage (Material)


Cost 2 JP


Most super-heroes have to fret over the state of their costumes, checking them for the constant wear-and-tear that a life of adventuring entails. Costumes are regularly burned, shot, cut, boiled, and blasted off their wearers, and must be completely replaced… but not his! The superhero owns a nigh-miraculous costume that is probably tougher than the superhero. An Amazing Costume simply cannot be destroyed, damaged, discolored, or distorted. It will re-size itself to the wearer’s frame, keep itself clean, and allow itself to be worked or reworked when its owner (and only its owner) desires a change. The costume may contain whatever regular armor or materials the character desires, other than Power Armor. Although the costume cannot actually be affected by any force on the planet, it will offer no special protection to its wearer. The superhero could fall into a vat of lava and die, but the Amazing Costume would bubble up to the surface, unharmed. Where the superhero got this miraculous bit of tailoring is up to him.