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Complication (Physical)


Value 2 JP per level


The superhero is constantly surrounded by some kind of unusual cosmetic or environmental effect that clings to him, or emanates from him, as a side-effect of one or more of his powers or physical nature. This does not have to be a supernatural effect, but that’s the most common explanation.

The superhero might exude a powerful smell, be surrounded by an eerie glow, or just give the screaming willies to anyone who’s standing near him. The effect can be bright, loud, or annoying. The exact effect is the stuff of favor text. If the superhero takes Form Shifting, then the Bizarre Area Effect, whatever it might be, only plagues in his empowered form.

For every level of this Comp, the superhero suffers a -4 penalty to Disguise, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, and Stealth checks. The superhero can take this Comp twice. Reduce the JP value of this comp if the superhero takes it as well as Form Shifting. Having the Bizarre Area Effect only ‘on’ half the time means it’s half as complicating to his life.

additional comps
  • Additional Comp: Really Dramatic Activation (Value: 3 JP): When Form Shifting and/or Dramatically Activating a power, his Bizarre Area Effect briefly, and spectacularly, activates. If this happens while the superhero is Disguised, or are trying to use Diplomacy, Handle Animal, or Stealth, the check penalty for Bizarre Area Effect triples.