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Complication (Mental)


Value 2 JP


The superhero feels compelled to leave an identifying mark at the major scenes of all his adventures. It might be a physical mark on a wall, an object left at the scene, or even a particular way of incarcerating villains. The superhero must leave his calling card whenever he is victorious in a physical confrontation, foil a criminal scheme more complex than knocking over a liquor store, or even just causing a public scene while in costume. The actual calling card is something simple, easy, and cheap, like an actual card, for example, and requires only a standard action.

The superhero will always leave his Calling Card if he has the time, but if he is pressed for time, he can make a Will save (DC 15). If the superhero wins, he resists the urge to leave his mark. If the superhero fails, he just can’t help himself.

additional comps
  • Additional Comp: Calling Card Fixation (Value: 3 JP): His calling card borders on an unhealthy compulsion, rather than just an eccentricity. Leaving his card requires a full-round action, not necessarily because the actual object is that complex or delicate, but because it must be left in a particular way, or else it’s just not right. Any attempt to flee a scene without doing so will require a Will save (DC 20).
  • Additional Comp: Calling Card Obsession (Value: 4 JP): His calling card is now a full-blown obsessive-compulsive act. Leaving the card requires three full rounds of delicate placement and adjustment. The superhero might need to carry special pigments for drawing, or a delicate, expensive object to leave behind (at least 500 gil of value). Any attempt to flee a scene without doing so will require a Will save (DC 25).