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Complication (Physical)


Value 2 JP


His circulatory system has difficulty maintaining its essential core temperature on its own. The superhero must spend at least one hour (preferably more whenever possible, but one is sufficient) out of every twenty-four basking in a heated environment, under a strong sun, or against a heated object. If the superhero doesn’t, the superhero suffers a -2 penalty to Strength, Dexterity, and Wisdom until the superhero can to do so again. These penalties stack every 24 hours, starting 24 hours after the last time the superhero was in a heated environment. If any of his abilities reaches 3, the superhero falls into a comatose state. If they all reach 0, then the superhero dies. This Comp is not incompatible with powers or special abilities that render the character resistant to damage from ice-based sources. However, such resistances will not change the effects of the Comp.