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Dramatic Activation

Complication (Power)


Value 2 JP


To activate one of his powers the superhero must either make a Gesture or shout a Command Word. The superhero picks which power and whether the Dramatic Activation is a Gesture, a Command Word, or both (see below). PP costs do not change. Sustaining the power does not require Dramatic Activation. The power must have an activation and a total cost of at least 5 JP.

  • Command Word: The superhero cannot be gagged or otherwise silenced to use his command word. The superhero also cannot whisper a command word. The superhero must speak it at least as loudly as the superhero would to a small group of people in a public place. If the superhero uses a command word while attempting to Stealth, the superhero takes a -10 on his Stealth check. His command word can be in any language, and indeed, doesn’t need to be a word, per se. It can be a guttural grunt or a nonsense phrase.
  • Gesture: The superhero cannot execute his command word when grappled, entangled, or pinned. If the superhero performs a gesture while attempting to blend into a crowd, he takes a -10 to his Stealth check. His gesture can be dance-like, martial artsy, or profane. The superhero can flex a bicep, close his hands in prayer, or just flip the bird.
additional comps
  • Additional Comp: Complex Activation (Value: 2 JP): His Dramatic Activation is finicky and requires that the superhero passes a Perform check (DC 15). If the superhero passes the check, the power activates normally. If the superhero fails, the power does not activate, but he does not lose any PPs for the effort. This Additional Comp does not increase the activation time.
  • Additional Comp: Disruptable Activation (Value: 2 JP): His Dramatic Activation so precise that they can be disrupted, just like spellcasting (see Concentration for DCs to maintain concentration). The superhero can apply the feat Combat Casting to Dramatic Activation and get a +4 on his Concentration check. This does not mean that his Dramatic Activation provokes an attack of opportunity though.
  • Additional Comp: Provocative Activation (Value: 2 JP): His Dramatic Activation provokes attacks of opportunity, just like spellcasting. His Command Word or Gesture requires so much concentration that they distract the superhero from the fight in front of him. This does not mean that his Dramatic Activation can be disrupted.
  • Additional Comp: Slow Activation (Value: 2 JP): His activation time increases by one step up the “action” scale: free/swift, move, standard, full-round. A move action become a standard action, for example. Slowed full-round activations turn into a full-round action plus a swift action, then a full-round plus a move action, etc.