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Complication (Social)


Value 2 JP


The superhero has acquired a reputation as “the one to beat” within a certain field of skill or ability. The superhero might be renowned as the greatest pool player, the best shot with a bow, or something similar. The superhero is notorious for a skill or ability that is governed by his statistics, such as skill or attack roll. The superhero doesn’t actually have to be the best. The superhero just acquired a reputation as the best. Having a story of how the superhero acquired that reputation is helpful, but not necessary.

Any time the superhero is in public, there is a 10% chance that some random fool walks up and challenges him. If the superhero enters a specific environment, the GM will increase the percentage chance based on that environment. If the superhero enters a pool hall and the superhero is a pool player, the superhero is going to be challenged, for example. Challengers can be friendly or rude, at the GM’s discretion, but they are always insistent. If the superhero refuses a challenge, a crowd will inevitably gather and goad him until he leaves or takes the challenge.

Every time the superhero doesn’t take a challenge, the next time he is in public, the percentage chance of being challenged goes up by 10%. If his percentage change reaches 50%, the superhero’s reputation flips from “the one to beat” to “the one who’s a total chicken” and the percentage itself keeps going up. The superhero does not flip back to “the one to beat” until he wins a challenge. If his percentage reaches 100%, the superhero literally cannot leave his house without some bozo telling him he is a huge ‘fraidy-cat.

additional comps
  • Additional Comp: Violent Rep (Value: 3 JP): His Notoriety is for a challenge that is lethally dangerous, like dueling with pistols or drift racing. The challenges the superhero taked aren’t necessarily direct attacks, but the activity is easily dangerous enough to kill him. The superhero cannot pick an activity that could not kill him. If the superhero have Need Not Breath, for example, the challenge cannot be holding his breath underwater.