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Advantage (Material)


Cost varies


The superhero has some sort of base of operations for his heroic identity. This hideout could be as small as a small apartment or as big as an island, having technology that is very primitive to the incredibly high-tech. The JP cost of this ad is equal to the base’s size cost plus its tech level cost.

  • Base Size: The superhero gains a base of operations.
    • 4 JP: The size of an average 3-bedroom home or apartment.
    • 8 JP: Multistory building or expansive cave network.
    • 12 JP: A small island. Though, keep in mind that at this level, there is not much secret to this hideout anymore.
  • Base Tech Level: The superhero gains a tech level for his base of operations.
    • 0 JP (No Technology): The base has no advanced technology. The security system is only as good as the padlock the superhero buys to keep his nosy neighbors out.
    • 3 JP (High Tech): The hideout has all the amenities of a high tech facility with superb security systems and outfitted to be self-sufficient for months before needing to replenish food or water supply.