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Complication (Power)


Value 3 JP


The superhero has a power that activates whenever he touches people, whether he wants it to or not. Choose one power that can affect targets at range (either Touch or a range in feet) and that has a negative effect (damage, blindness, etc.). The power goes off whenever the superhero makes skin-to-skin contact through anything thinner than cotton or polyester cloth.

In combat, his clothing can be cut or ripped off, therefore, whenever the superhero occupies the same square with anyone who is not completely covered, he makes a Reflex save (DC 10) to avoid skin contact. Occupying the same square includes moving through spaces occupied by comrades. The superhero can also accidentally set off his power by Aiding Another, getting or giving first aid, searching through someone’s possessions, exchanging objects, or anything else the GM deems to have a risk of skin-to-skin contact.

If the superhero fails his Reflex save, the power activates as normal (causing damage, provoking a saving throw). Both Touch attacks and ranged attacks alike are both presumed to be “hits” by virtue of failing the saving throw. The superhero expends PPs as normal. If the superhero does not have any PPs left, nothing happens.

The superhero can take this Comp up to 4 times. Each time, it increases both his Reflex save (to avoid contact) and his Constitution save (to resist ability damage) by 5. Alternatively, if the superhero takes this Comp multiple times, he can apply it to a different power each time, in which case he can take it as many times as he has separate powers.