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Complication (Power)


Value 2 JP per power


The superhero has a power that cannot be activated when he has any other power activated. This might be because that one power requires all his concentration, or that it’s derived from a fickle energy source, or something else entirely. The explanation is, of course, up to the superhero. If the superhero designates Flight as his Unipower, for example, then he cannot activate any other power while he is Flying. The superhero must land before using an Energy Attack, Webbing, Cause Unconsciousness, or any other power that requires activation. This means that the superhero can use traits simultaneously to a Unipower, but he cannot use activated powers, unless the PP cost of which has been reduced to zero by enhancements. Traits cannot be Unipowers, nor can Super ability scores. The superhero can take this Comp multiple times. Each time, it designates one new Unipower.