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Archetypes (Ninja)

Table: Ninja Archetypes

NightbladeNightblades are fast and deadly, their blades slicing through enemies’ defenses—and throats—before they have time to react.
NightshadeFor some, darkness is not a hindrance, but a powerful ally. Quietly stepping between shadows, nightshades are experts of stealth and subtlety, blending agile combat with potent magic to outwit and overwhelm their foes. nightshades excel at using shadow art in innumerable ways, making them adaptable and unpredictable.
RavagerRavagers are shindroids who have expanded their nanites’ capacity, focusing less on subtlety and more on flashy energy melee weapons. Available only to shindroid ninjas.
ShinobiShinobi are ninjas who follow a more ancient right, using the elements to their bidding performing ancient rituals known as mudra ninjutsu. Most even forgo their need to throw weapons, more so fighting into the fray with two weapons and poisons.
VigilanteIt isn’t easy for many to walk the path of a hero. Especially a hero fighting against corruption and evil under the cover of night. Available only to kojin ninjas.
WebslingerWebslingers are ninjas who intentionally emulate the abilities and styles of spiders. Many believe themselves to be actually descended from giant spiders, while others simply taken spiders as a clan totem, or bitten by radioactive spiders that grant them their powers.