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Happy April's Fool Update...

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Happy April’s Fool Update!

Was gonna do an April Fool’s thing, but decided against it. Some new archetypes and races are now available. Races Aegyl (Base Race): Stubborn removed from the list of racial traits. Removed Greater Defensive Training and Gliding Wings. Flight speed […]

Mid-March Update!

Some exciting new stuff for all of you. Race overhaul (all of them) and new archetypes! Races Aegyl (Base Race): Added Eternal Hope, Greater Defensive Training, Stubborn, and Illusion Resistance to their list of racial traits. Al Bhed (Base Race): […]

Happy March Update!

Several new archetypes and two new iconics! Races Roegadyn (Base Race): Fixed their base height to conform to their maximum height listed on their race description. Classes Archer (Core Class): Changed the untyped bonus from Aim to insight. Added Grounding […]

Start of the New Year Update!

Some changes, big and small, some new stuff as well! Classes Archer (Core Class): Archery Talents: Updated wording on Threatening Shot. Bard (Core Class): Update on Bard Song performance and additional songs. Auras now a number of uses per day. […]

Merry X-Mas and Happy New Years Update!

Sorry I’m a little late for this update. I suffered an injury and I’m trying to get over it. So, without further-ado, here’s your update! Races Palico (new Base Race): Palicos are a diminutive race of bipedal cat humanoids that […]

New update!

New archetypes, changes to current stuff, and new spells. Races Au Ra (Base Race): Added Warrior of the Khagan as an alternate racial trait. – Courtesy of Kayos from Discord. Bangaa (Base Race): Added Variant Bangaa Heritages. – Courtesy of […]

More changes and additions!

Couple more archetypes and deities and deific orders. Enjoy! Races Goblin (Beast Tribe): Added Aeroblooded as a racial feat. Lamia (Beast Tribe): Added Seduction as a racial feat. Sahagin (Beast Tribe): Added Waterbonded as a racial feat. Classes Blue Mage […]

New archetypes, several updates.

Got some new archetypes, several fixings, and something semi-exciting. Currently in BETA-stages, we’re working on a new Materia Rework system. If you wish to beta-test it, either email me or discord me and we will get you the files. If […]

End of Summer (relatively) Update!

Some new stuff and some changes, enjoy! On a personal note, I like to thank NapazTrix and his small team of playtesters going through the classes and archetypes (no small feat!) and making appropriate suggestions to change. Races Tonkin (Base […]

Some new archetypes and changes to old ones.

Yatta yatta, new update. Classes Archer (Core Class): Threatening Shot archery talent now flanks up to the first range increment. Added Heavy Pull (8th). Chemist (Base Class): Improved Quaff Potion and Quaff Potion Mastery were changed. Dropped the limitation of […]