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More goodies, another update!

More changes, some drastic, some minor. Enjoy! Classes Archer (Core Class): Added Archer Training (1st). Blitzer (new Prestige Class): The game of Blitzball is a graceful ballet of underwater maneuvers. It is also a sometimes brutal full-contact sport with ruthless players […]

New Update!

Lots of little changes to make the people happy. o7 Races Several races have updated dark/holy knight favor class bonus changes. Classes Chemist (Base Class): Made slight changes to Craft Alchemical Item and Item Lore abilities based on suggestions from […]

After New Year’s Small Update!

Another year, another update. Enjoy! Archetypes Chaos Knight (New Dark Knight archetype): The chaos knight is a beacon of chaos among all dark knights. Chaos knights gather groups of other worshipers to follow and fight for chaos. Bending the some the […]

Happy New Years Update!

Another year rolls by and I’m still updating this crazy system 🙂 13 years ago, I don’t think I ever thought I would still be working on this for this long. Have a safe New Years, folks. Classes Beastmaster (Base […]

Merry Christmas Update!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Be safe and have fun. Races Genomes (Base Race): Added Spellthief (Racial Thief archetype). Classes Beastmaster (Core Class): Added the following rage powers: Armor Ripper, Battle Roar, Bloody Bite, Bloody Fist, Body Bludgeon, Damage Reduction, […]

Early Christmas Update

Some changes and revisions. Races Au Ra (Base Race): Removed gender-lock features, changed to different clans. Kobold (Beastman Tribe Race): Now have 30 ft base movement. Shindroid (Base Race): Changed Integrated Weaponry to only allow 1-handed firearms. Added an alternate racial […]

‘INB4 Vil Disappears For A Few Weeks In Fallout 76’ Update

Before I devote my gaming attention to a new game for a few weeks, here are some new goodies. Races Burmecian (Base Race): Added Masterful Leaper as a racial feat. Genome (New Base Race): Created by Luphey from Discord/Forums. Kobold […]

Major Halloween Update!

Some ghostly goodies in the form of new archetypes, new spells, new avatars, and a variety of fixes/changes! Enjoy, be safe on Halloween! Races Burmecian (Base Race): Lost Tangle Feet as a racial feat. Goblin (Beast Tribe Race): Gained Tangle […]

Happy Halloween!

The site got a new theme to celebrate this spook-tacular event! If it still hasn’t kicked in for you yet, you may have to clear your cache (ctrl+F5 will do it for Firefox and Chrome browsers). We hope you enjoy […]

Major Update! A little bit of everything.

Got more archetypes, spells, avatar overhaul, etc. Races Garif (Base Race): Renamed the Racial Monk archetype (Parivir) to Peacekeeper. Ixal (Beast Tribe Race): Added a Racial Fighter archetype (Nimble Striker). Kojin (Beast Tribe Race): Added a Racial Ninja archetype (Vigilante). […]