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Happy Halloween!

The site got a new theme to celebrate this spook-tacular event! If it still hasn’t kicked in for you yet, you may have to clear your cache (ctrl+F5 will do it for Firefox and Chrome browsers). We hope you enjoy […]

Major Update! A little bit of everything.

Got more archetypes, spells, avatar overhaul, etc. Races Garif (Base Race): Renamed the Racial Monk archetype (Parivir) to Peacekeeper. Ixal (Beast Tribe Race): Added a Racial Fighter archetype (Nimble Striker). Kojin (Beast Tribe Race): Added a Racial Ninja archetype (Vigilante). […]

Avengers assem… *ahem*… new update!

Added a few more… questionable archetypes and some other stuff. Races Antica (Beast Tribe race): Removed speech, added Limited Telepathy. Added a new racial Chocobo Knight archetype (Antrider). Yagudo (Beast Tribe race): Modified Swordmaster into a racial Yagudo Fencer archetype. […]

Another small update + Chemist love!

Added a couple more racial archetypes, some changes, and more Chemist discoveries. Races Guado (Base Race): Added Detect Undead as a racial spell-like ability. Lamia (Beastman Tribe Race): Added a new racial Bard archetype (Watersinger). Sahagin (Beastman Tribe Race): Added […]

Another quick update!

Added a few racial archetypes for a few races lacking one. Races Goblin: Added a racial Chemist archetype (Fire Bomber) and 3 Racial Feats (Burn! Burn! Burn!, Fire Tamer, and Flame Heart). Guado: Added/modified a Cleric archetype (Exorcist) into a […]

A tiny, quick update!

Made some changes to Dragoon (courtesy of Grammar Dark Knight from Discord) by adding some options (acrobatic talents). Classes Chemist: Alchemical Mixture ability can now be used or thrown immediately when creating a temporary alchemical item. Dragoon: Moved Fighter Training to […]

Small update!

Added FFd20-style Familiars for spellcasters, a new Deific Order (Soulreaper), and a few fixes here and there. Races Burmecian: Fixed an error with Tinker racial trait providing a bonus to Perception. Classes All spellcasters except Blue Mage and Summoner: Added clarification […]

A good size update!

Added a slew of deific orders and a couple of new archetypes, as well as an optional system, the Sub Job. Classes Holy Knight – Changed out Divine Sacrifice for this ability: Cover. Deific Orders Aeon Guardian – Aeon guardians worship the […]

A new major update!

New shinies! Racial age/height/weight statistics, deities, and other stuff. Races Age, Height, Weight statistics for all the races, located here, created by NapazTrix. Added 20-30 alternate racial traits for the core races. Classes Chocobo Knight: Added a Rainbow Chocobo advancement […]

Minor Update!

Another small update with a couple of new archetypes and a few spells. Races Nu Mou: Minor changes, -2 Con instead of Dex. Enchantment Resistance changed to Enfeebling Resistance. Archetypes Blademaster (Sword Saint archetype): Added a level 20 capstone replacement ability […]