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A new major update!

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A new major update!

New shinies! Racial age/height/weight statistics, deities, and other stuff.


  • Age, Height, Weight statistics for all the races, located here, created by NapazTrix.
  • Added 20-30 alternate racial traits for the core races.


  • Chocobo Knight: Added a Rainbow Chocobo advancement at 20th level.
  • Cleric: Added Domains and Favored Weapons to the Deific Orders.
  • Freelancer: Renamed Character Points to Job Points (JP). Stamina Pools are now worth 10 JP.
  • Sword Saint: Stamina Pools now grant a new ability: By spending 5 stamina points, the sword saint can do one of the following: Increase his speed by 10 feet for 1 round, or Delay and suppress his fatigue or exhaustion for 1 round, or Increase one saving throw by +1 for 1 round. Each of these powers is activated as a swift action. All archetypes with stamina pools now get this ability and also replace an ability that it didn’t before.

Prestige Classes

  • Turk: Changed morale bonus to competence bonus for assignments.


  • Archon (Holy Knight archetype): Stamina Pool now replaces shared defense.
  • Azure Dragoon (Dragoon archetype): Stamina Pool now replaces steadfast pike.
  • Battlefield Minstrel (Archer archetype): Stamina Pool now replaces hawkeye.
  • Battlerager (Beastmaster archetype): Stamina Pool now replaces empathic link.
  • Foebreaker (Knight archetype): Stamina Pool now replaces stand firm.
  • Hawkeye (Archer archetype): Stamina Pool now replaces hawkeye gained at 2nd level.
  • Hermetic (Chemist archetype): Stamina Pool now replaces a discovery gained at 2nd level.
  • Lancer (Dragoon archetype): Lancer’s Charge now replaces steadfast pike instead of armor training.
  • Monsterkin (Freelancer archetype): Added Medium evolution. Changed level requirement of Huge evolution from 20th level to 15th level. Renamed Character Points to Job Points (JP).
  • Mystic Knight (Red Mage archetype): Stamina Pool now replaces quick learner (minor) gained at 2nd level.
  • Nightblade (Ninja archetype): Renamed to Nightshade.
  • Nightshade (Ninja archetype): Renamed to Nightblade. And stamina pool now replaces poison use.
  • Reaver (Dark Knight archetype): Stamina Pool now replaces shared offense.
  • Rogue (Thief archetype): Stamina Pool now replaces mark.
  • Rune Fencer (new Fencer archetype): The art of inscribing runes on one’s self has been lost in the ages. These swordsmen embrace this art. Through training their constitution, they are able to inscribe runes on themselves to give them an elemental edge in battle. This allows strikes to hit with various elements and allows them to shrug off outside attacks from the elements.
  • Rune Knight (Holy Knight archetype): Changed Scribe Runes once again, back to 4th level, replacing nimbus of light.
  • Squire (Fighter archetype): Stamina Pool now replaces overhand chop gained at 3rd level.



  • Added a slew of Deities (Greater Gods, Old Gods, New Gods, and Astrals) with extended information. Created by NapazTrix.

Minor Update!

Another small update with a couple of new archetypes and a few spells.


  • Nu Mou: Minor changes, -2 Con instead of Dex. Enchantment Resistance changed to Enfeebling Resistance.


  • Blademaster (Sword Saint archetype): Added a level 20 capstone replacement ability as per Kayos’s update.
  • Culinarian (Chemist archetype): Disciples of the delectable dish, culinarians are culinary combatants who specialize in succulent surprises that spice up the battlefield. A chef needs discipline, class, a clean palate, a mastery of culinary magic, and a good knife hand. These are rare ingredients to find in a person; so, perfect preparation of both the chef and his tools are required.
  • Magicite Knight (Knight archetype): Now uses Charisma modifier for save DCs of materias.
  • Mirage Keeper (Summoner archetype): Added minor revisions as per Kayos’s update.
  • Monsterkin (Freelancer archetype): This type of freelancer forgoes emulating other trades and focuses on emulating monsters instead.
  • Rune Knight (Holy Knight archetype): Changed how Scribe Rune worked, moved to 5th, and replaced holy sword techs instead.


  • Added 4 new Red Mage spells: Enlarge, Mass Enlarge, Enspellra, and Enspellga.
  • Added 3 new Blue Mage spells from Ifrit, Lord of the Inferno: Eruption, Sear, and Vulcan Burst.


  • Removed Extra Bombs and Wild Talent feats.
  • Added a new feat: Extra CP.


Another update!

Popping them updates like candy. Probably the last one for a little while.

Race Updates

  • Garif: Added Keen Senses racial trait.
  • Mandragora: Added a couple of alternate racial traits.
  • Moogle: Added an alternate racial trait for Moogles as suggested by Spazhero from the Discord: Kupo-Recovery: For some moogles, the promise of a kupo-nut is enough to push them beyond their normal limits. If a moogle with this racial trait is dying, and a creature gives you a taste of a kupo-nut (a standard action for an adjacent creature), you immediately stabilize. This racial trait replaces handy.
  • Shindroid: Added a couple of alternate racial traits. Deleted Empathy racial feat.
  • Viera: Removed their weakness racial trait.

Class Updates

  • Gambler: Renamed Gambler Tricks to Gambler Gambits.

Archetype Updates or New Archetypes

  • Cardinal (Cleric archetype): While a cleric’s faith is her highest priority, her church may wield significant political power in some regions. In these cases, cardinals arise from the ranks of the clergy, engaging in the game of intrigue on behalf of their churches. While some cardinals manage to join the world of politics and retain the purity of their faith, many cardinals find that they must compromise some part of their beliefs in pursuit of their church’s political power, and some cardinals even fall prey to the corrupting influence of their power.
  • Exorcist (Cleric archetype): The exorcist travels far and wide to root out possessions, hauntings, and hidden evils. The exorcist extracts unruly spirits from not only victims of possession, but also haunted sites and accursed items.
  • Festivalist (Thief archetype): Festivalists train their miniature minions to perform acts of larceny and often hide their true talents behind theatrical sideshows.
  • Kaiser (Geomancer archetype): A kaiser is a geomancer who has crafted powerful bonds of trust and friendship with one ally from each of the four primary elemental planes. Kaisers are similar to genie-binders.
  • Salve-Maker (Medic archetype): A salve-maker is a student of medicine, massage, acupuncture, and aromas, whose skills are built through a lifetime of study and generations of experimentation. Whether aiding armies in the field, healing an adventuring party, or serving a mercenary organization, a salve-maker is a welcome addition to any group that lives by the sword and hopes to escape death for one more day.
  • Servant Conjurer (Summoner archetype): These summoners summon a heroic spirit from the past instead of an avatar.
  • Skylancer (Dragoon archetype): Updated with suggested changes by LuciriniaZ3d from the Discord.
  • Tranquil Guardian (Holy Knight archetype): Changed racial requirement from Ronso to Garif. Fits them better, thematically.


  • Major change to MP expenditure: The maximum MP a spellcaster can spend on spells/songs using feats is equal to the highest spell/song level they can cast/perform. (I.E. A 10th level Black Mage can spend up to 5 MP on a single spell.) Previously, it was half caster level, rounded up.
  • Restore spell now restores stamina points equal to 5 + target’s Con mod.
  • Restora spell restores all stamina points.
  • Added a Death Ward spell for necromancers and white mages.


  • Added Extra Mystic Dance feat and 2 Tonkin Racial Feats: Advanced Telepathy (Increases limited telepathy range to 60 feet) and Telepathic Spellcaster (Allows the tonkin to cast spells without needing verbal components as long as the target is within your telepathy range)


  • Added new alchemical items:
    Silver Apple (Tier 1): restores stamina points equal to 5 + target’s Con mod. 100 gil
    Golden Apple (Tier 3): restores all stamina points. 1,500 gil
  • Added Miscellaneous Items tab to the Magical Items page: Sleeping Bags, Tents, Cottages, and Malboro Cigarettes.
  • Changed Buster Sword’s stats and price.
  • Added 43 Race Traits.

New races!

Major Update, Part 2! I finally got around to finishing the beast tribe races and a couple of others.

New Races

Beast Tribe Races: Antica, Goblin, Lamia, Orc, Quadav, Sahagin, Sylph, and Yagudo. Beast Tribe races were created by DMLeibfrid for the forums.

Base Races: Guado and Hypello. Guado was created by MadGenius from the forums. Hypello was created by NapazTrix from the forums/discord.

All creations were edited and balanced by me.

New Monsters

B.M.D (Black Mage Dolls), at the request of Jean B/Ragnar.

New Update!

I know it’s been awhile since the new website has been up and running and no new updates. But fear not, here it is:

Class Changes

Archer: Changed the Aim ability mechanic as well as all abilities that required a bow can be used with a crossbow.
Bard: Bard songs are now dismissible with a standard action.
Beastmaster: Minor change to Feral Combat Style, the beastmaster may deal piercing, slashing, or bludgeoning damage.
Chocobo Knight: Fixed the mounts to represent the new Chocobo bestiary.
Samurai: Fixed a few abilities.
Sword Saint: All stamina pools now take current and maximum when using sustained modes. In addition, stamina pools from multiclassing works differently.

Race Changes

Qu: Added Primal Mage (Blue Mage archetype) to their racial archetypes.
Varg: Fixed an error, removing Scent alternate racial trait and adding Carrion Finder.

New Archetypes and Archetype Changes

Abyssal Knight (Dark Knight archetype) – Got many new changes.
Foebreaker (Knight archetype) – New archetype with a fancy stamina pool.
Hawkeye (Archer archetype) – New archetype with a fancy stamina pool.
Hermetic (Chemist archetype) – New archetype with a fancy stamina pool.
Knifemaster (Thief archetype) – Changed the replacement ability for Trapfinding to Mark.
Magitek Operator (Engineer archetype) – Renamed Magitek Armor to Power Armor.
Mirage Keeper (Summoner archetype) – Can now only summon up to two mirages of different sizes and added a new ability to replace Augment Summoning.
Mystic Knight (formerly Knight, now Red Mage archetype) – Changed from Knight to Red Mage archetype and Ethereal Embrace is no longer a sustained mode, but an activated ability that lasts a number of rounds.
Nightshade (Ninja archetype) – New archetype with a fancy stamina pool.
Paladin (Holy Knight archetype) – Got many new changes.
Phantom Blade (Illusionist archetype) – Changed force damage of their illusiony weapons to non-elemental damage.
Primal Mage (Blue Mage archetype) – Changed to a Qu-only archetype.
Rogue (Thief archetype) – New archetype with a fancy stamina pool.
Templar (White Mage archetype) – Added Armored Mage ability to replace the Divine abilities.
Warrior Monk (Samurai archetype) – Fixed a dead level, added a new ability.
Wrestler (Black Belt archetype) – Wrestlers now retain their AC bonus.

Miscellaneous Changes

Limit Breaks now function with pets such as animal companions, automatons, bone commanders, etc. But not familiars.
Added a new feat: Extra Stamina Pool
Added PDF links to… everything, as well as added links to variety of stuff in the webpages. PDF links are on the bottom of most pages.
Added a PF link for weapons, as well as PDFs for the old Armor and Goods and Services.

Roll20 FFd20 Character Sheet v1.2 Released!

Even smaller update (than the last one before). Had to make some necessary changes — hopefully I can get around to beefing up this sheet soon!

v1.2 Changelog:

  • Bonus MP is now calculated from your casting modifier + your spell level, as opposed to casting modifier + caster level. Please update/refresh your values to reflect these changes.
  • Fixed a bug where skill points from your Favored Class Bonus would not factor into the total skill points of the “Totals” row within the Class page.

Website online!

4/15/2018 – Website is finally online! Big thanks to Azurift in getting this wonderful website up to snuff. Thanks also go out to our resident Pen Mage, CardinalPenmage, for keeping an eye out on errors and ArchmageL for helping with the website, creating tables. Its been a long time coming and I appreciate everyone for being patient.

There has been a few minor corrections along with changes for Necromancer pets and Puppetmaster (Engineer archetype) pets, more diversity. There are probably more changes than I remember, but had a computer lit up in flames (literally), lost my hard-drives, basically had to get a new computer. I managed to get my FFd20 folder backup before losing that, so that’s a relief.