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New update!

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New update!

New archetypes, changes to current stuff, and new spells. Races Au Ra (Base Race): Added Warrior of the Khagan as an alternate racial trait. – Courtesy of Kayos from Discord. Bangaa (Base Race): Added Variant Bangaa Heritages. – Courtesy of […]

More changes and additions!

Couple more archetypes and deities and deific orders. Enjoy! Races Goblin (Beast Tribe): Added Aeroblooded as a racial feat. Lamia (Beast Tribe): Added Seduction as a racial feat. Sahagin (Beast Tribe): Added Waterbonded as a racial feat. Classes Blue Mage […]

New archetypes, several updates.

Got some new archetypes, several fixings, and something semi-exciting. Currently in BETA-stages, we’re working on a new Materia Rework system. If you wish to beta-test it, either email me or discord me and we will get you the files. If […]

End of Summer (relatively) Update!

Some new stuff and some changes, enjoy! On a personal note, I like to thank NapazTrix and his small team of playtesters going through the classes and archetypes (no small feat!) and making appropriate suggestions to change. Races Tonkin (Base […]

Some new archetypes and changes to old ones.

Yatta yatta, new update. Classes Archer (Core Class): Threatening Shot archery talent now flanks up to the first range increment. Added Heavy Pull (8th). Chemist (Base Class): Improved Quaff Potion and Quaff Potion Mastery were changed. Dropped the limitation of […]

Last Update for awhile!

Some new stuff and changes. Will be (hopefully) the last update for awhile. Races Bangaa (Base Race): Suddenly remembers that they’re a desert-dwelling race and loses the ability to have a swim speed and loses Hold Breath racial trait, but […]

Some new archetypes and some removals.

Cleaning out my inbox of stuff again. Enjoy! Races Tonkin (Base Race): Added Lantern-Bearer as a tonkin astrologian archetype. Added Tonberry Nobility to racial feats. Classes Gunbreaker (Hybrid Class): Starting gun arm has a -2 penalty to ranged attack rolls. […]

Big Update!

New Hybrid Class, new archetypes for it, and some other changes! Enjoy. Classes Black Belt (Hybrid Class): Removed Bonus Combat Feats class feature and added Martial Art Talents (2nd). Moved AC Bonus to 3rd from 4th and buffed it a […]

Another update, less pileup.

Cleaning off my to-do list. Enjoy! Classes Archer (Core Class): Major revision: Made extreme changes to Aim and Take Aim abilities. Changed Hail of Arrows Limit Break to Barrage. Added Bluff and Sense Motive to Class Skills. Removed Precision Shot, […]

The Quiet Before the Storm Update

I know I said I wasn’t going to update until Shadowbringers expansion of FFXIV. But I’ve had a pile up of updates and new stuff. So, enjoy. Races Ronso (Base Race): Removed Powerful Charge as a racial trait, added (with […]