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Archetypes (Knight)

Table: Knight Archetypes

FoebreakerThese powerful defenders protect their allies from harm, standing strong against devastating blows with expert training and fierce determination. Enemies can’t kill them and usually can’t survive them.
JuggernautSome see the shindroid race as soldiers, built and trained, to follow orders and march into the face of certain death. While this is not true for all shindroid, many do follow that path and none do it more readily than the juggernaut. As a machine of war, the juggernaut is deadly combination of nearly unstoppable force and fierce battle-hardened skill. Known for charging into enemy lines, or through enemy barricades, the juggernaut is devastating in his ability to bring the battle to his foes. Available only to shindroid knights.
Magicite KnightMagicite knights are knights who have learned to utilize materia to their greatest potential. They have formed some sort of link to the magicite within the materia, upgrading the materia’s powers with their own. With this power, they could rival even mages. They have the strange ability to infuse materia within themselves, not just their equipment, giving them an extreme tactical advantage.
Onion KnightWhy is it that we use the name of a certain vegetable to refer both to those who excel and also those without experience in the ways of the world? It is a well-known fact that all heroes in all tales disliked vegetables as children. Their legend begins with their overcoming of this weakness, and then continues with a journey filled with hardships. That noble vegetable, the onion, lives on as a symbol of hardships overcome, and as the mark of a true hero.
Pluto KnightA knight who has trained under the discipline of the Knights of Pluto. Their sword arts with the knight sword devastating foes from afar and up close, and even able to utilize the magic of nearby allies, making them fearful foes to go against. They are borderline battle mages and are respected throughout all of Alexandria by knights and mages alike.
Primal KnightThe primal knight is a knight who harnesses a Primal’s power for his own.
SentinelMany knights believe the tower shield is a tool suitable only for troops on the battlefield, claiming it is too large and bulky to use in skirmishes or within dungeon corridors. Sentinels defy those notions, using their massive shields with startling skill and incredible effect. They use these seemingly clumsy shields to perform deft maneuvers that confound their enemies.
TacticianWhile many knights focus on the fundamentals of melee and ranged combat, there are those who are trained to view the bigger picture on the battlefield. These knights use their training and tactical acumen to overcome challenges that would overwhelm mere brute strength and skill at arms.
Temporal KnightThese time crusaders harness the very fabric of time and space to manipulate it into defending himself and his allies.