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Small update!

Added FFd20-style Familiars for spellcasters, a new Deific Order (Soulreaper), and a few fixes here and there. Races Burmecian: Fixed an error with Tinker racial trait providing a bonus to Perception. Classes All spellcasters except Blue Mage and Summoner: Added clarification […]

A good size update!

Added a slew of deific orders and a couple of new archetypes, as well as an optional system, the Sub Job. Classes Holy Knight – Changed out Divine Sacrifice for this ability: Cover. Deific Orders Aeon Guardian – Aeon guardians worship the […]

A new major update!

New shinies! Racial age/height/weight statistics, deities, and other stuff. Races Age, Height, Weight statistics for all the races, located here, created by NapazTrix. Added 20-30 alternate racial traits for the core races. Classes Chocobo Knight: Added a Rainbow Chocobo advancement […]

Minor Update!

Another small update with a couple of new archetypes and a few spells. Races Nu Mou: Minor changes, -2 Con instead of Dex. Enchantment Resistance changed to Enfeebling Resistance. Archetypes Blademaster (Sword Saint archetype): Added a level 20 capstone replacement ability […]

Another update!

Popping them updates like candy. Probably the last one for a little while. Race Updates Garif: Added Keen Senses racial trait. Mandragora: Added a couple of alternate racial traits. Moogle: Added an alternate racial trait for Moogles as suggested by Spazhero […]

New races!

Major Update, Part 2! I finally got around to finishing the beast tribe races and a couple of others. New Races Beast Tribe Races: Antica, Goblin, Lamia, Orc, Quadav, Sahagin, Sylph, and Yagudo. Beast Tribe races were created by DMLeibfrid for the […]

New Update!

I know it’s been awhile since the new website has been up and running and no new updates. But fear not, here it is: Class Changes Archer: Changed the Aim ability mechanic as well as all abilities that required a […]

Roll20 FFd20 Character Sheet v1.2 Released!

Even smaller update (than the last one before). Had to make some necessary changes — hopefully I can get around to beefing up this sheet soon! v1.2 Changelog: Bonus MP is now calculated from your casting modifier + your spell […]

Website online!

4/15/2018 – Website is finally online! Big thanks to Azurift in getting this wonderful website up to snuff. Thanks also go out to our resident Pen Mage, CardinalPenmage, for keeping an eye out on errors and ArchmageL for helping with […]